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Quickly set up spaces for your groups, then invite members to join for free. Easily add apps like discussion boards, directories, document libraries, and others, and create a place where your community can come together and grow.


Context & Curation

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When people are familiar and passionate about a topic, the conversations are more meaningful and valuble. Create a place where your community information can be stored and easily accessed.

"This thing is amazeballs AND awesomesauce!!!"


"I need a place to connect with multiple people, and did not want to read a 58 message email thread."

Stacy T, Beta Participant

"20% Fewer venomous spiders than it’s competitors."

R.W., DonQuiSoft.com

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Get started on building your own places to collaborate. Collonies.com is free for group members and anyone to sign up, and during the Beta, it’s also free for community leads to create new groups and invite their members to join.

We know that each community is unique, and we offer a variety of collaboration tools that you can select from for your group. As we grow, we invite you to use these tools, and occasionally we’ll ask for specific feedback. We also welcome your ideas, and we will evaluate requests for changes and new apps as they come in. We want *you* to help shape what we can do to help your community to grow, and to thrive, and to make a greater impact.

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